Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day Four

Its January 4th, and my guess is that there are a few of you who set some pretty well intentioned resolutions and you're finding yourself struggling for a few different reasons. I'm not here to pass judgement or give you a guilt trip, but I am wondering if maybe we could just lean in together for a moment...

One of the habits I set out to change (for good this time, because I've had this resolution many times before) is to wake up early in the morning. To create space in my day just for me and my relationship with God, and to make that such a priority that it comes first thing in the morning.'s the thing. 
I didn't for one second think this would be an easy step to take. I knew there would be a million and one reasons for me to not wake up before the sun, or my children. Things I could easily overcome, but possibly choose not to, and things that seem to be unavoidable obstacles. But, this is what I also know to be so very true and where I rest in confidence... 

I am not pursuing a one way street. I am not the only one seeking to meet someone. This is a two sided relationship. My Heavenly Father is desperately seeking to meet with me as well, and He has the power to move mountains in order to help make that happen. Move mountains, people! Try as he might, the enemy CANNOT defeat this one. I have The Lord, Himself, pursuing me. So regardless of what the circumstances look like or what arrows of deception the enemy flings my way, I rest in knowing that the One I am seeking is bigger than it all. It is with boldness that I attack the morning and run to meet my Father.  

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